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Applying IoT Technology to The Things That Matter Most

What is IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) is actually a simple concept.

It means taking the devices that we use on a daily basis (eg. computers, electrical appliances…) and connecting them to the internet in order for these items to communicate with each other over the network without the need for human intervention.

Analyse, Select, and Implement the Right IoT Solutions

DVUCA was founded by a group of domain experts in engineering, information technology, communication, business consulting and sustainability. We take pride in executing multifaceted and innovative concepts on problem-solving to bring the best technology solutions from all around the world to our customers.

What defines us is our approach.
Our priority is to support and assist you in developing fully customised solutions to suit your needs.

DVUCA has implemented IoT solutions in more than 2,000,000 square feet of real estate all over Asia. Our current suite of proven smart systems include leading technology from Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and USA.

How We Bring IoT to Your Life

Implement innovation
save energy


Our IoT application empowers the user to customize their working environment with our energy control system. With our smart sensor, plug load and HVAC controls, maximum energy savings are within reach.

optimize space utilization


Our smart sensors will ensure optimal utilization of a workspace, managers can collect various datas and study hot spots and occupancy usage illustration through our application.

people monitoring


Through the use of our technology, our product simplifies individual monitoring and tasks such as attendance taking and indoor way-finding.

linen management


Our asset linen tracking system is able to display the location of RFID-tagged linen. In addition, the system opened up a wide spectrum of capabilities, for textile assets, linen manufacturers, commercial laundry providers, hospitality and healthcare industries.

monitor daily food consumption and activity levels


Real-time data collected with our wearable technology ensures that parents and teachers are able to easily monitor their children’s daily food consumption and activity levels.

asset tracking


Our asset tracking system is able to display the location of tagged valuable assets. In addition, the system opens up a wide spectrum of capabilities for asset tracking.

improve CCTV security level


CCTV cameras can be programmed to focus on the area where motion has been detected by smart sensors during off peak hours.

using smart sensors to measure environmental metrics


Our specialized sensors measure environmental metrics such as temperature, vibration, humidity, PM2.5 particle count in sensitive environments like hospitals, clean rooms and laboratories.

How Do We Work

We implement IoT with efficient innovative concepts

  • Let's Get Started

    When working with a new client, we explain to them about what IoT (Internet of Things) is all about. We let them know how it can be easily implemented and how it positively impacts every aspect of their business.

  • Deep Analysis

    Our engagement starts by analyzing our customers’ business. Clients will share how they work, their needs, problems and expectations with us. This evaluation will enable us to provide a holistic bespoke concept.

  • Our Offer and Services

    DVUCA’s technical team will then visit your premises and then provide an implementation study suited to your requirements.

  • Project Budget & Schedule

    Once we’ve agreed on the implementation, we will provide a clear project schedule according to your time frame along with a detailed quotation.

  • Implementing the IoT System

    DVUCA’s technical team will then visit your premises and then provide an implementation study suited to your requirements.

  • Post Implementation

    Our offer includes training and guidance. We can even integrate facilities management of premises for a 100% peace of mind solution.

You have an IoT idea and would like to develop it into your business?

With Dvuca’s team lab expertise, we can help you develop, test and adapt your idea.

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